Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics addendum

Warren Bobrow

I was flattered when Warren Bobrow asked me to write the forward to his new book, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations. Time constraints prevented me from doing a full tech review. The following comments and corrections are shared without judgement. Cannabis science can be hard to grasp and we all know the interweb is full of misinformation. Warren is a cocktail guy. With a little coaching, he’ll master cannabis as well.

page 8  “These days, a number of states have either decriminalized cannabis, legalized medical marijuana, or in the case of WA, CO, OR, AK and DC legalized cannabis altogether.”

page 9, bottom of the page  “Start with 10 mg of THC or the equivalent serving size.”

page 12, 3rd bullet point  “Drinking fresh lemon juice or lemonade, together with smelling freshly ground black pepper often alleviates any uncomfortable reactions.”

page 13, 2nd paragraph  “In chapter 3, I’ll show you how to decarboxylate...”

page 17, 2nd paragraph  “Later, industrial hemp was shipped to the New World - and along with it other not-so-industrial strains of cannabis sativa l.” Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis sativa l., just different cultivars.

page 19, 5th paragraph  Jamaica: is it 2 ounces or 56 grams? Two ounces is 56.3 grams. English or metric here?

page 23, 2nd paragraph  There are hundreds of compounds in cannabis but the two best known are a pair of cannabinoids: THC and CBD. There are less than 100 known cannabinoids; many more if you count terpenes, terpenoids, flavinoids, etc.

page 24, 3rd paragraph  Ignore everything after the first sentence. Decarboxylation boils off the terpenes because of their relatively low boiling points. This is why you should always decarb in a covered container.

page 24, 4th paragraph  Ignore this paragraph. Yes, terpenes play a large role in the how individual strains affect you. The THC/CBD, indica/sativa material is jumbled at best.

page 29, 1st paragraph  Proper names: THC-A and CBD-A. Decarbing converts THC-A to THC and CBD-A to CBD.

page 29, 2nd paragraph  “Decarbing raw cannabis converts THC-A into THC, making your infusions psychoactive. It also converts CBD-A into CBD making your infusions medicinal.” The section on decarbing, terpenes and taste is mistaken.

page 29, 3rd paragraph  Ignore the last sentence, it’s wrong. THC-A and CBD-A have different properties compared to THC and CBD.

page 30, 1st paragraph 3rd sentence  Crumble the raw cannabis instead of grinding it. It’s easier to strain flakes compared to powder. Crumbling leaves the trichomes intact. We recommend these decarb instructions.

page 34  Please follow these instructions on making tinctures. We recommend 1 gram of cannabis per ounce of alcohol. Quick, frozen alcohol washes, never long, heated soaks. You’re not making a pot of tea.

page 36  Infusions are water-based, tinctures are made using alcohol. Nothing you want is water soluble.

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