Colmean John Whiting


Coleman Whiting MMJ activist SeattleColeman John Whiting was a Seattle cannabis activist, actor, artist and co-founder of LeBlanc CNE, Inc. A loving and gentle soul, he is missed by all who knew him (and he was widely known).

Coleman made & shared CO2 oil and other preparations with patients without cost. The Coleman Whiting Memorial Fund has been established to continue Coleman’s work making cannabis medicine available to those without financial means. Please consider donating to the fund.

LeBlanc CNE carries on Coleman’s work to this day. When in doubt we ask ourselves WWCW? “What Would Coleman Want”  When we do, the answer becomes obvious.

What Would Coleman Want (Dope Magazine, Aug 2016)   •   Coleman’s obituary   •   The Cannabis Alliance announcement.   •   Coleman Whiting IMDb

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