Eberechi Essentials

Our mission: Eberechi Essentials is dedicated to providing individuals with ailments an affordable means of pain relief using only natural, non-addictive ingredients.

Two former college professors, Douglas Pitzer and Blair Brown, were teaching abroad in the Domican Republic when introduced to holistic healing. Here they became students of wellness and the divine healing properties of CBD. The two vowed to incorporate their newfound knowledge into.

The West-African name Eberechi which means God’s Mercy was originally used by Paul David Owens who sowed the seeds of entrepreneurship for his nephew Blair Brown. Douglas Pitzer feels passionately about CBD being an essential alternative form of medicine.

E Ensuring product quality and reliability
B Building customer relationships
E Ease of access for members
R Respecting every customer
E Educational resources about products
C Culturally aware
H Holistic means of healing
I Igbo for God’s Mercy

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