;, From Seed to Paper, growing hemp in New Mexico for fiber

From Seed to Paper

hemp for fiber in New Mexico

LeBlanc CNE began growing hemp for the fiber market in the summer of 2021 with the goal of making paper, textiles and other hemp products. Jonas Thaler is our papermaking partner in New Mexico (and a childhood friend of Jerry“s). LeBlanc CNE is processing what we grow so that he and others can make hemp paper.

Our goal was to document what we did (and didn’t do) through a serious of videos and photographs. If nothing else we had fun and Jonas and Jerry got to catch up after almost 50 years. Watch the videos we made and enjoy the ride with us!

Learn more about the use of hemp fiber and papermaking by watching the video of this panel discussion: “Next Steps in Canna Biomass”, The Cannabis Summit presented by The Cannabis Alliance. For some unknown reason YouTube in their infinite wisdom decided this was off limits to the underage viewers. Maybe you can talk some sense into them.