From Seed to Paper

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Linda, Gino & Jonas

Episode 10 Closing Out 2021

The farm in New Mexico was a success but not the kind I had in mind. I flew down to clean up a hot crop, modest as it was, and to plant a winter cover crop of crimson clover.

Given that it was post-harvest I cooked a harvest feast for Jonash, Gino and Linda. I brought a little bit of Cascadia to Puerto de la Luna. I cooked salmon with shallots from my garden, roasted blue potatos with garlic and fresh rosemary from Jonas’ garden, green beans with dried &reconstitued shiitake mushroom and fresh mint and big *ss salad. A good time was had by all. #hugs #laughter

Things I Learned This Summer
  - If you didn’t bring it, you ain’t got it.
  - Opportunities, obstacles and options
  - The greater the planting density, the less the weed pressure.
  - Without modern hemp specific tools, processing hemp for fiber in 2021 feels like a Williamsburg reenactment.

Jerry & Rhiannon

LeBlanc CNE has grown with the addition of Rhiannon Walther. She hit the ground running not only helping with this year’s harvest but expanding our product line to include skin care products among other things. More proof that we’re growing and TCB!

From Seed to Paper