From Seed to Paper

Episode 7 Pam, meet Jonas. Jonas, this is Pam.

Jonas Thaler joins Pam and Jerry in a discussion of what’s going on in Guadalupe County, New Mexico, where Jerry & Jonas are growing hemp for fiber. Jonas is a papermaker and has been making paper from hemp Jerry grew in Washington. This year they’ve partnered up to grow fiber and make stuff.

Jonas laid in new drip lines to irrigate the field. All was going well until a cow wander along.

LeBlanc CNE now has a presence in Cleveland. Laura Scott is representing us in Ohio and beyond. It’s a perfect fit. Yea Laura!

From Seed to Paper

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LeBlanc CNE, Inc. is dedicated to hemp: genetics, product development, research and education. We grow hemp for fiber including hemp paper, hemp textiles, hempcrete and other products. Our product line includes hemp tincture, topical oil as well as hemp pre rolls with CBD & CBG.