Zulu Time

Zulu Time is a high CBD medical marijuana strain from the Pacific Northwest. A cross between Sour Tsunami #3 and Harle-Tsu, Zulu Time is a cultivar well suited to outdoor cultivation that has a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio.

Zulu Time high CBD cannabis

Originally bred by a Cascadian farmer in eastern WA, Zulu Time was propagatd by the CCL and distributed in WA and OR. Zulu Time is a vigrous grower and a heavy yielder that grows well outdoors in the PNW. It’s resistant to powdery mildew and mold. Zulu Time is quickly becoming a Cascadian classic, something we can be proud of.

Zulu Time is available in Washington’s 502 rec stores. Look for it under the LeBlanc CNE brand! If your favorite rec store doesn’t carry Zulu Time, have them contact us!

Zulu Time was released under Cannabis Breeders Rights license. For free use: CBR-P-F-C and for commercial use: CBR-L.

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