Cannabis Products in the Washington Legal Market

LeBlanc hash pastilleLeBlanc CNE produces cannabis products in the Washington State legal recreational market. Working with 502 licensees, LeBlanc makes artisan hashish and other products. Our preference is to work producers that are family owned, Clean Green (organic) outdoor farms.

Our Hindu Kush Moroccan style pressed kif hashish was awarded 19 out of 20 stars by NW Leaf (page 50). Look for it at Dockside SoDo, Dockside Shoreline, The Bakeree, Herban Legends and other retail stores. Your local rec store doesn’t carry it? Let us know (and who we should talk with).

Jerry Whiting is well known for his hash making skills. He employs a dry sift method that separates the trichomes from the rest of the plant material. This results in a terpene rich solventless concentrate that Baby Boomers will recognize from their younger days. This isn’t bubble hash but a conetemporary revivial of a traditional technique. It’s our pleasure to share this with the community.

Puffin Farm Washington State 502Puffin Farm and Emerald Peaks are LeBlanc’s 502 partners. Please support them as they support us.

We embrace a whole plant style, using broad extraction techniques which evoke a full Entourage Effect. Our methodology is simple and straightforward allowing us to capture both terpenes and the cannbinoids like THC and CBD. Some may call what we do cannabis rustique. We make cannabis products we want to share with our family and friends, you included.

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