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The net is full of stuff about cannabis. Some of it is even true.

Project CBD The name says it all. This is the site about cannabidiol. Look no further.

O’Shaughnessy’s Fred’s site is a wealth of information about medical cannabis, especially research.

Jorge Cervantes If you have any aspirations about growing cannabis Jorge Cervantes is who you want to learn from.

Analytical 360 A lab that specializes in cannabis, creating cannabinoid and terpene profiles using HPLC.

The Cannabis Alliance Washington State’s premier professional association.

Hempfest There’s only one Hempfest and it’s the 3rd weekend in August.

Skunk Pharm Research LLC When you’re ready to get serious, start with Skunk Pharm Research.

Butterfly Sessions
Project CBD
Herban Legends
Dockside Cannabis
Hempfest Seattle