LeBlanc CNE’s Hemp & Cannabis Products

Our artisan recreational hashish... is Morocaan-style pressed kief. We use a dry sift method (not bubble hash) and press the fresh kif with “LB” to let you know it’s from LeBlanc!

Baby boomers will recognize this from their youth. Non-Americans will want to mix it with tobacco. Others merely crumble it into a join or on top of a bowl.

Ask for our old skool hashish at your favorite Washington 502 rec store. If they don”t carry it, demand it! Our hashish is released in partnership with Puffin Farm and Emerald Peaks.

CBD infused hemp oilOur infused topical oil... is made with organically grown Oregon Hemp. It’s infused in grapeseed oil and hemp oil from new moon to full moon along with lavendar. Like the label says, “Slather it wherever it hurts.”

Because we us hemp, our topical oil has less than 0.3% THC so it’s not psychoactive. It is full of CBD. It gets you well, not high.

Hemp is a wonderful herb with the ability to address a wide range of issues. LeBlanc creates whole plant preparations that evoke the Entourage Effect. We capture a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes to insure a full spectrum effect.