Our Products

LeBlanc CNE makes hemp products not CBD products. Yes, our tincture and topical oil has CBD in it but that’s not all. Our products are whole plant, full spectrum. We capture not ony cannabinoids like CBD but terpenes, favinoids and other compounds. The only thing we don’t extract is chlorophyll (otherwise our products would be green).

We grow all of the hemp we use to make our products. We farm sustainably without pesticides or chemcial fertilizers. Everything we make has you in mind.

NW Leaf, October 2020

Hemp Tincture

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Organically grown hemp infused in organic vegetable glycerin. Whole plant, full spectrum. 0% THC!

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Hemp Topical Oil

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Hemp root and hemp flower with lavender in grape seed oil. As the label says, “Slather it on whatever hurts.”.

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