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The Recipe Sliderule is a tool used to set dosages when making medibles, tinctures, concentrates, and other cannabis-based preparations. If you know the cannabinoid levels (THC, CBD, etc.) you can tell how many doses there are in a given amount or for a given amount set the dose level to match your output goals.

The Recipe Sliderule can handle measurements in mg/ml or percentages. It also includes The Blender Sliderule used when combining two different samples. It tells you the concentration of CBD, THC, etc. for the blended mix.

The Recipe Sliderule is available online in three forms: an Excel Spreadsheet, a Google Sheet or on Microsoft OneDrive.

What does The Recipe Sliderule do?
It calculates how many servings are in a batch of cannabis or the composition of a mixture of two samples of cannabis.

Who is The Recipe Sliderule for?
Anyone making medibles can use this spreadsheet to insure that their candy, baked goods and other edible producs have the desired amount of THC or CBD. Consumers can use it to make intelligent purchasing decisions about what they buy.

How is it used?
After you have a batch of cannabis analyzed at a lab that does chromatography, the test results are used to determine how many doses are in a given batch of cannabis.

Why use The Recipe Sliderule?
Using The Recipe Sliderule insures consistent and predictable results from batch to batch, even when different cannabis is used each time.

CC-BY-4.0  The Recipe Sliderule is free software released under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).
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