CiZL the Engine Hemp

CiZL the Engine is feral Chinese hemp cultivar. It has been sequenced and is listed in the Phylos Bioscience Galaxy, Galaxy ID GAL194575.


We grew a modest seed crop again Summer 2019. We discovered that CiZL the Engine is monoecious, self pollinating itself this year.

After it flowered we had it tested for cannabinoids and terpenes to further identify and classifiy it as a specific cultivar. Much to our surprise, CiZL the Engine has an appreciable amount of cannabinoids (5.1% total) and terpenes (1.64%). Originally we looked at it as a food, oil and/or fiber candidate.
  CiZL the Engine COA

It’s a strong, vigorous grower producing incredibly large leaves on statueque plants. It’s grown well in greater Seattle the last 3 years and it peformed well in eastern Oregon at 4,000 ft surviving late frosts unscathed. This year we’ll ramp up seed production and explore this cultivar’s full potential.

CiZL the Engine is named after LeBlanc CNE’s co-founder Coleman Whiting. CiZL the engine was his hip hop nom de guerre.

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