Neo Hemp Seeds

Neo is a fourth generation cross of a “Hemp for victory” female with a very unique structure and a male Harle-Tsu #9, with a 15:1 CBD THC ratio. Every generation has been stable at or above 30:1 ratio, with potencies of individuals ranging from 5.5% to 11% CBD.

Being monoecious, Neo cannot be grown without seed as many females produce male inflorescences, without perhaps a couple generations of selection and stress testing. It exhibits variable terpene profiles ranging across fruit, pine, sandalwood, diesel and skunk.

Because if it’s fiber genetics, Neo has a tendency to grow quite tall, if given excessive nitrogen. Sandy soil can produce larger flowers compared to heavier peat based soil, that was so high in organic matter, it would literally burn the plants. Neo can grow to be very tall and vine like. Higher Phosphate and Ppotassium levels are recommended for CBD and seed production. It has potential for fiber production as well.

Neo is available as regular, non-feminized seeds by the pound in half pound increments. Please contact about ordering seeds.

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