Zulu Time Hemp Seeds

Zulu Time is a CBD positive hemp cultivar with growth habits of both indica and sativa parents. Zulu Time is a dioecious plant and we sell regular, non-feminized seeds in bulk.


The female was Sour Tsunami #3 with a 29:1 ratio and the male was Harle-Tsu #9 male with a 15:1 CBD THC ratio. It is very mold and mildew resistant with flower ranging from 7.5-16% CBD. It’s a very good candidate for light dep production with adequate ventilation.

A medium to heavy feeder, try to plant in early June, to keep size below 8-9'. Surprisingly tolerant of alkaline conditions, Zulu Time prefers neutral pH soil, with a lesser clay component. Zulu Time has diesel, skunky, and piney notes.

Zulu Time is available as regular, non-feminized seeds by the pound in half pound increments. Please contact about ordering seeds.

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