Hemp Infused Topical Oil

Our hemp infused topical oil is made with organically grown hemp from Oregon. Rich in CBD (cannabidiol) this topical preparation has no THC and therefore isn’t intoxicating at all.

Grapeseed oil is the carrier oil. It’s light and doesn’t leave a sticky mess. In addition to hemp flower our preparation includes hemp root. The root was used by ancient Romans and the Chinese. Never smoked or eaten it was used as a poultice. Modern research has shown the root high in friedelan and other compounds.

Fresh lavender flower is added for its relaxing effect. Linalool and myrcene are two steam distilled terpenes that boost the overal effect. Together they help provide the relief you seek.

Hemp root and hemp flower with lavender in grape seed oil. As the label says, “Slather it on whatever hurts.” We do long, slow infusions from new moon to full moon with love and compassion.

A one ounce bottle is $25 and a 2 oz bottle is $40 including domestic postage. The one ounce bottle is a roller ball for easy application. Please contact us about wholesale orders or international shipping.

Hemp Topical Oil

LeBlanc hemp infused topical oil with CBD. Buy online and get free shipping.

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Project CBD has a detailed introduction to CBD as well as a list of conditions addressed by CBD complete with links to relevant research papers.

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