LeBlanc CNE: a BIPOC hemp company in Seattle

LeBlanc CNE, Inc. [Seattle WA] has roots in Washington State&rsqo;s now extinct medical marijuana, which is where Rhiannon met both Jerry and Coleman Whiting. Jerry was asked by his son Coleman for guidance transitioning from Big Pharma anti-sezure medications to cannabis. Jerry and Martin A. Lee of Project CBD fame met in Ann Arbor in the '70&’s. With his help, Jerry and Coleman began growing CBD rich plants and making medicine. All of this happened a year before Sanjay Gupta’s show about Charlotte’s Web. Unfortunately Coleman died during a seizure in 2016 but his father continues the work they began.

The farm bill legalized hemp at the federal level opening the door to using it instead of cannabis (a.k.a. marijuana). LeBlanc CNE has grown to include Rhiannon and Kiara as well as our farm crew who helps with Spring planting and harvesting. More recently we’ve expanded into fiber hemp as well including paper, textiles, and bioplastics.

We’re committed to making quality products in a socially and ecologically sound manner. To us, hemp is a positive agent of change. We take what we do very seriously.

We believe in what we’re doing and take an active part in our industry. We’re proud supporters of The Cannabis Alliance, The Cannabis Observer, and Project CBD.