hemp tincture, topical oil, skincare products & more

Responsibly grown in the Pacific Northwest.
Small batch made with care. Whole plant, full spectrum.

LeBlanc CNE, Inc. [Seattle WA] produces hemp based products including tinctures, topicals and limited edition small batch products. We grow what we make using sustainably grown ingredients we believe in without compromise and most of our packaging uses recycled materials.

Our hemp products are whole plant, full spectrum preparations capturing more than just CBD or CBG. Everything we sell is legal hemp with less than 0.3% THC and is non intoxicating. Our products are lab tested. “We only use ingredients we’d serve our own mother at Thanksgiving.”

We’re a small, BIPOC company with roots going back 10 years in Washington State’s now extinct medical marijuana industry. We transitioned to hemp 4 years ago and have expanded into hemp for fiber including paper, textiles, and other products.

We believe in what we’re doing and take an active part in our industry. We’re proud supporters of The Cannabis Alliance, The Cannabis Observer, and Project CBD.