The Cannabis Breeder’s Rights

As hemp and cannabis become legal and mainstream, a licensing framework that specifies what a farmer can do with seeds, clones, tisssu culture, etc. Until now it has been undefined the rights conferred to a farmer regarding saving seeds, breeding, cloning, etc.

At Hempfest during a panel on The Future of Strains, DJ Short expressed concern about people taking his genetics and release projects that he and others were locked out of. He feared being denied acccess to his own genetics. Upon hearing DJ’s wish list Jerry Whiting proposed a Creative Commons like solution. From this discussion The Cannabis Breeder’s Rights were boron.

Cannabis Breeder's Rights, marijuana and hemp licensing terms

Download a description of the Cannabis Breeder’s Rights (PDF). Feedback is strongly encouraged and will not be ignored. TIA

Listen to the panel at Hempfest where DJ Short laments the prospect of being locked out of his own strains. This prompted the creation of the Cannabis Breeders’s Rights framework.